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For the efficient function of the Library, users are requested to follow the guidelines set by the Library.

  1. Library's normal operation is intended by its staff and ensured by its users' contribution.

  1. For fast and efficient use of the Library's services, please follow the guidelines set by the Library.

  1. The condition of the material held by the Library (printed, electronic, etc.) depends on the way of its use.

  1. Please leave the books on the tables; they get placed on the shelves by the staff.

  1. Large format books may never be photocopied.

  1. For bags, coats and personal belongings you may use the lockers and coat hangers that are located by the Enquiry Desk.

  1. To the right of the entrance you can find information on art exhibitions that take place in Greece and elsewhere, foreign universities' prospectuses or even read the Sunday newspapers. No material irrelevant to this section may be carried there.

  1. Smoking or food and drink consumption is prohibited in the Library.

  1. Remarks regarding the collections and the services rendered by the Library are useful and promote its operation.

  1. You can seek help and advice in using the resources of the Library by consulting the attendant at the Enquiry Desk.

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