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…locate library material

You must perform a search in the online library catalogue . Type in the keyword you’re after in the empty field and select the appropriate directory to carry out your search (author, title, subject etc.). Choose the title of interest from the brief list of results by double clicking on it.At the bottom of the entry’s complete tab, you can distinguish the classification number (one digit and 3 letters) which displays the position of the item in the library shelves, and the “item status” which reveals the availability of this item (e.g. “on shelf”, “borrowed”, “at the bookbinder” etc.).You may also perform an “anywhere” directory search if you’re not sure which index to use (e.g. a search on Eggonopoulos anywhere in the list will not only retrieve books written by himself but also books written by other authors with him as the main topic).Foreign names searches should be typed in Latin characters e.g. “Freud” and not “Φρόυντ” Artists should be searched in the topic directory or the “anywhere” index For more detailed search guidelines .

…check out what material with reference to specific artists are available in the library

Select the “anywhere” directory from the library’s main catalogue and type in the artist’s surname in the empty field (if the artist is a foreigner, you must type in Latin characters). If not sure about the exact spelling of the name, select “scan” in the top navigation bar of the catalogue and type in the beginning of the name. Press the “Scan” button and a name directory will appear. Navigate up and down to make sure that you can locate the name you are after.

  1. Well known artists may also be retrieved by typing their name using greek characters, but only if you have chosen the “Scan” option.
  2. If you cannot locate the name, refer to a short reference book to make sure that you have correctly spelled the name using latin characters.
  3. A main catalogue search will not only retrieve books but audiovisual material too, as long as they are available in the library.

Apart from books and audiovisual material you may also search for articles included in art journals.

You can find articles published in greek and international art journals regarding greek and foreign artists in the library database Art Bibliographies Modern (ΑΒΜ).

If you’re looking for bibliography regarding greek artists except the modern ones, you should search for articles published in the “Ζυγός”, “Εικαστικά”, “Νέες Μορφές”, “Πινακοθήκη”, “Η τέχνη” journals which can be found in the “ Indexed articles ” sub-catalogue.

Note down the journal title, the issue number and the pages before moving on to locate any journals containing the inquired articles at their corresponding shelves.

… check out if a certain movie is available in the library

Select the online Audiovisual Material Catalogue and perform a title – based search by selecting the title directory, a director – based search by selecting the authors directory or a genre-based search (experimental, sci-fi etc) by selecting the themes directory.

…find articles in databases and electronic journals

You can perform journal articles and bibliography searches via HEALINK (Hellenic Academic Library Link) or via accessible ΑΣΚΤ: JSTOR, CAMIO, Art bibliographies Modern, Bibliography of the History of Art library databases. Search can be done via HEALINK webpage or the library webpage.

…search in online dictionaries and encyclopedias

HEALINK (Hellenic Academic Library Link) provides access to Grove art and Grove Music encyclopedias as well as to 100 dictionaries and encyclopedias belonging to the Oxford Reference Online, which cover all thematic categories. Search can be done via HEALINK webpage or the library webpage.

…find my professors notes

You may find and print any notes that have been entered by the Institute academic staff via e-class online service .

…remote retrieval of information regarding a subject

You can use the "ask a librarian" online service and send your query through e-mail. You will receive a reply from the librarian in your email very shortly.

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