This is a lending library for the members of the educational community of A.S.F.A.. The following matter categories are excluded from loan:

  • current year's periodicals

  • reference books (encyclopaedias, dictionaries, bibliographies etc.)

  • the special collection

  • the etchings

  • reproductions

  • videotapes and CD-ROMs

Faculty and the administrative staff of the School, along with the emeritus professors have right to loan throughout the whole collection, apart from he following categories:

  • Theory and Philosophy of Art

  • Literature

  • Philosophy

  • History

  • Psychology

  • Religion

  • Social sciences

and all theoretical books, in general.

Faculty may borrow up to 20 books for a 4 weeks period. The emeritus professors and the administrative staff can lend up to 5 books for a 4 weeks period. Finally, students may borrow up to 5 books for a 2 weeks period.

Library Card

For lending, the members receive from the Library the special Library card. For the issue of the card a recent photograph of the member is required. The card is strictly personal and in case of loss, the member is obliged to notify the Library immediately.

Renewal and Recalls

All members of the Library have the right to renew once the books. For recalled books, renewal is prohibited.

In case of great demand of a book, the Library has the right to recall it before the expiry of its loan period.

Fine Schedule

Overdue books

Users will be blocked from loan until all overdue books are renewed or returned. Fine: 0,15 euro per day per book. Weekend and bank holidays are excluded

Damage or loss of books

In case of damage (underlining, torn pages etc.) or loss of a book, users are obliged to replace it. If this is not feasible, users are obliged to pay to the Library the whole amount of the value of the book. In case of damage, users will be blocked from loan for a month.